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Harga Jual Barska 1.5-4.5×20 Tactical Combo Laser Flashlight Mount

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Harga Jual Barska 1.5-4.5×20 Tactical Combo Laser Flashlight Mount

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Deskripsi Harga Jual Barska 1.5-4.5×20 Tactical Combo Laser Flashlight Mount

Rifle Scopes By Barska

Here at BARSKA, one of our specialties is riflescopes, which are offered in numerous varieties for different types of weapons. A rifle scope is designed to provide clear images and allow for more precise shooting in a number of venues whether it is in the field, target practice, or outdoors. Our rifle scopes are high quality, and they are ergonomically designed for comfort during long hunting sessions. They utilize the latest technology in optics to provide the most clear and up close images of the target. The optics of the rifle scope o-ring sealed for 100% waterproof protection and dry nitrogen purged to prevent the lenses from fogging up during adverse weather conditions in the outdoors. We design many different models of rifle scopes with different built-in adjustment features such as external windage & elevation, locking turrets, parallax adjustment, bullet drop compensation charts, digital reticle selectors and rheostat illuminated reticle adjustments. Barska rifle scopes are available in fixed power for standard shooting and zoom magnification for variable close to long distance targeting.

Targets and shooting situations vary, but Barska rifle scopes have adapted for the shooter. More accuracy is provided to ensure the safety of others in the area. Laser sights are also available built-in to certain models or added mounting to the scope or rifle to help the user get additional confirmation of the exact location of the target. The laser sights come in both green and red for long- and short-range targeting respectively. We manufacture our laser sights with the highest power laser diodes allowed for civilian use by the United States FDA. Riflescopes with lasers must be properly calibrated and adjusted to a particular rifle and to the user’s specifications to obtain the optimum experience. Check your local hunting laws regarding the use of laser sights for hunting.

They are excellent for training people in law enforcement, military, and hunting. Using our tactical rifle scopes, a trainee can first learn how to use the sights properly before learning calibrate and adjust the settings while moving on to learn how to use laser sights. Some practice and experience is necessary to develop the right feel for the equipment. Rifle scopes are available for both tactical and long-range weapons, and there are combination packages that include rings, grips, and other accessories to facilitate hunting, recreational sports, and shooting. More recently, we have developed new biometric safes to store your rifle, sights, and equipment. The safes are locked by biometric security that requires a fingerprint to gain access to the contents inside. It is ideal for people who want to keep the equipment away from children in the household or prevent theft. They can fit within a drawer, closet, basement, or garage to keep the weaponry securely out of sight. Many of our rifle scopes are accompanied by a limited life-time warranty.

Barska Riflescope BARSKA?s extensive selection of riflescopes is even more diverse for 2012 than ever before and there?s a model suitable for every type of shooting. The newest additions to our riflescope series: The new AR6 2.5-15×56 was developed by the demand of shooters of mid to large caliber rifles. Shooters have enjoyed using Barska riflescopes for years and have now have for a high quality riflescope for large caliber rifles that chamber the popular .308, .30-6 and .50 large caliber bullets. The new 3-9×44 Digital Multi-Reticle Scope featuring 6 different digital reticle patterns. Adapt your shooting conditions with a push of a button its like having 6 scopes in one. BARSKA riflescopes all have one thing in common— quality design and features that make them all an incomparable value. From the serious tactical and long-range shooter to the varmint hunter or big-game hunter and recreational target shooter, there?s a BARSKA riflescope that?s a perfect fit for you and your firearms. Barska riflescope reviews Buy Barska riflescopes at

While Barska is a pretty broad and diverse supplier of sporting goods and tools of the avid outdoor enthusiast, by far the most popular product among consumers is the company’s line of riflescopes. It might be easy to assume that each of these scopes is created in the same way by every manufacturer, but that simply is not true. Indeed, while many suppliers of sporting goods seem to be assured that they’ve perfected the riflescope and have stopped innovating, Barska has continued to develop a competitive and cutting-edge product that leads to more rewarding hunting and more accurate shooting even during the longest outdoor hunting sessions.

Simply put, the image and focus provided by a riflescope can never be too sharp for the average wild game hunter. Indeed, the sharper the image, the more rewarding and satisfying the hunting session. To that end, Barska actually employs the industry leaders in both optics and riflescope technology; the company’s engineers and innovators are leading the charge toward more effective and precise riflescopes which actually assist hunters in shooting more accurately than with many competing brands. Remember, a rewarding day out in the field can only be accomplished when large distances are overcome with the use of a cutting-edge riflescope. Because Barska, unlike many of its competitors, employs skilled craftsmen and engineers who are deeply knowledgeable about optics, technology, and the human eye’s reaction to both things, the company is uniquely able to help cultivate more accurate shots, more successful hunting stories, and a better return on investment than many other companies are able to provide.

A Commitment to Precision

While there’s no rush like the thrill of heading out early in the morning for a long day of promising hunting, there is one thing which holds many hunters’ enjoyment back as the length of their day begins to wear on them. That one thing is the ergonomics of the riflescope that they use when sighting their game and moving in for the kill. Most companies design scopes which are moderately comfortable for short periods of use, but are simply unwieldy and awkward after a few hours outdoors.

Tactical Rifle Scopes By Barska®

Tactical scopes contain an inner tube that is locked securely, using a coil spring positioned within the tactical scope casing, to prevent minor movements after the target has been sighted. Use of the coil positioning system makes the tactical scope easy to lock perfectly on the target for repetitive shots without correcting the scope adjustments. Turrets are clearly marked for repeating a setting in similar conditions on successive days. Sturdy construction means the casing is firmly mounted with strong hardware for virtually any weapon. The tactical scope is resistant to side impact even in the harshest conditions. Lenses are coated with protective film to reduce permanent damage from scratches. High-quality optical crystal is used to construct flawless lenses for the perfect view of an extremely distant target.

The scope housing is sealed to prevent humidity penetration that would result in fogging between the lenses. Even when humid conditions create distorting heat waves on the horizon, the tactical scope can bring the target into view for accurate shots every time. The tactical gun scope provides detailed distance estimates that allow the shooter to adjust the power of the rifle to match the sighted target distance. Military snipers choose tactical scopes to address distant targets while remaining at a safe distance. For recreational hunters, varmints can be spotted at great distances for removal from croplands where they damage cash harvests. Large animals can be sighted over great distances and accurately targeted with the tactical scope.

Tactical scopes are designed for long range distances when the target must be kept perfectly centered within the reticle. While turning the turrets to achieve perfect elevation, windage, and focus adjustments, tiny clicks indicate the completion of each minor movement of the scope. Easy movement of the dials allows the shooter to concentrate on adjusting the scope without having to view the dials. The illuminated green Mil-Dot reticle (select models) can be adjusted for daytime use, low-light conditions, and night-time use by changing the color of the

1.5-4.5x20mm Tactical Combo Model: AC10770-AU11005-AW11143 Combo Includes 1.5-4.5×20 Scope, Red Laser w/ Tactical Flashlight w/ Mount, and Rise Mount Rail. Scope Features: Fully Multi-Coated Lens First Focal Plane Mil-Dot Reticle Accu-Lock system utilizes a coil spring positioned within the scope to securely lock the inner tube. 1′ Tube Limited Lifetime Scope Warranty

Model # Ac10770-CO
Magnification 1.5-4.5x
Objective Lens 20mm
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Reticle Mil Dot First Focal Plane
Exit Pupil 11.9-4.4mm
Optical Coating Fully Multi-Coated
Field of View (ft@100yds/m@100m) 75.7/25.2@1.5x, 24.5/8.2@4.5x
Eye Relief 3.3 inch
Click Value 1/2″
Adjustment Knob windage and elevation
Tube Diameter 1 inch
Finish Black Matte
Weight 12.53oz
Length 10.3 inch
Included Accessories Mounting Rings, Lens Cloth and Scope Caps
Warranty Manufacturer Limited Lifetime

1.5-4.5x20 Tactical Scope by Barska

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