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Harga Jual Mikroskop Bestscope BS-5040T Polarizing Microscope

Ditambahkan pada: 10 November 2014 / Kategori:
Kode : BS-5040T
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 843 kali
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Rp 38.320.500
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Deskripsi Harga Jual Mikroskop Bestscope BS-5040T Polarizing Microscope

Product Description

The BS-5040T transmitted polarizing microscopes are equipped with a smooth, rotating, graduated stage and a set of polarizers that allow observation of all types of transmitted light polarized specimens such as thin sections of minerals, polymers, crystals and particulates. It is equipped with an infinite Optional system, a comfortable viewing head and a set of Strain-free Infinity Plan Objectives which give a magnification range of 40X 400X. Digital camera can be used together with BS-5040T for image analysis.

1. Color Corrected Infinity Optional System.
2. Infinity Strain-free Plan Objectives, ensuring excellent resolution and clarity.
3. Center adjustable nosepiece and center adjustable rotating platform make the operation more accurate and reliable.

Application area
The BS-5040T polarizing microscopes are specifically designed for geology, minerals, metallurgy, university teaching laboratories and other sectors. They also can be used in chemical fiber industry, semiconductor industry and the pharmaceutical inspection industry.

Model BS-5040T
Optional System Color Corrected Infinity Optional System Yes
Viewing Head Seidentopf Binocular Head, Inclined 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:  50-75mm.  
  Seidentopf Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:  50-75mm. Light Distribution: 20:80 Yes
Eyepiece WF 10×/18mm Yes
  WF 10×/18mm (Graticule 0.1mm) Yes
Objective Strain-free Infinity Plan Objective Yes Yes
    Yes Yes
    Yes Yes
    Yes Yes
    Optional Optional
Nosepiece Center Adjustable Quadruple Nosepiece Yes
Analyzing Unit Rotatable 360°(Module Type, Can Be Locked) Yes
Bertrand Lens Inbuilt, Center Adjustable Yes
Optional Compensator λ Slip First Class Red Yes
  1/4λ Slip Yes
  (I-IV Class) Quartz Wedge Yes
Stage Revolving Round Stage, Rotatable 360°, Center Adjustable, Division 1°, Vernier division 6′ Yes
  Polarizing Attached Mechanical Stage Optional
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25      Non-stress Yes
Polarizing Unit With Scale Rotatable 360°, Can Be Locked Yes
Illumination 6V/20W Halogen Lamp Yes
  6V/30W Halogen Lamp Optional
Filter Blue(Built in) Yes
  Amber Optional
  Green Optional
  Neutral Optional
C-mount 1×, 0.47X (Focus adjustable) Optional
Note: Yes Standard outfits, Optional Optional Accessories.
Packing Size: 570mm×275mm×450mm     Gross Weight: 8.6 kgs     Net Weight: 7.5 kgs


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