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Harga Jual Vixen VMC 95L Reflector Telescope

Ditambahkan pada: 12 February 2015 / Kategori:
Kode : VMC95L
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 948 kali
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Deskripsi Harga Jual Vixen VMC 95L Reflector Telescope

Vixen Optics Reflector and Refracto Telescopes

Vixen offers a wide variety of Reflector Telescopes. These compact and lightweight optical tubes deliver sharp central images with no chromatic aberration. Get more aperture relative to cost with Vixen’s Reflector Telescopes.

Choose from one our starter telescope models, the R130Sf, VMC95L or VMC110L Telescopes, or our astro photographer’s dream machine, the R200SS Telescope or the VC200L Telescope with VISAC for pinpoint star images. Don’t miss the opportunity to own the VMC260L telescope with dielectric coated mirrors. These models, as well as all of our optical tubes, undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control that has made Vixen the respected company it is today. All Vixen Reflector Telescopes are covered by a Five Year Warranty.

VMC 95L Reflector Telescope (Item #2614)

Vixen’s VMC 95L Reflector Telescope is a small telescope with big ambitions. With  a curved vane Secondary Mirror Spider to reduce diffraction effects, this small reflector telescope performs like its larger cousins the VMC110L and VMC200L. With excellent light gathering, you will tour the surface of the moon or view planets with ease. Take this lightweight telescope everywhere.

The sharp optics of the Vixen VMC95L Modified Cassegrain telescope meets Vixen’s high standard. The lightweight Vixen VMC95L Reflector Telescope, is a 95 mm (3.7 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/11 optical tube assembly. The  built-in focuser slides the primary mirror.  The VMC95L Telescope also features a built-in 1.25″ diagonal and straight-through camera port. Photography is easy. Attach your camera to the telescope and  view through the eyepiece then slide the diagonal and take a picture of your target.  Includes one eyepiece and a red dot finder. 5 Year Warranty

Telescope Specifications:

Optical Design Precision Spherical Mirror Reflector
Aperture 95mm
Focal Length 1050mm
Focal Ratio f/11.1
Coating Multi Coating
Resolving Power 1.22 arc sec
Limiting Magnitude 11.7
Light Gathering Power 184x
Finder Scope Red Dot Finder
Flip Mirror Internal
Adapter Thread 42mm/ For T-Ring
Astrophotography Prime Focus, Eyepiece Projection & Afocal Imaging
Visual Back 31.7mm Push Fit
Optical Tube Length 14” (360mm)
Optical Tube Diameter 4.2” (107mm)
Optical Tube Weight 4 lb
Accessories Dove Tail Plate; Red Dot Finder; Internal Slide Mirror; PLossl Eyepiece

Vixen VMC95L on MiniPorta


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