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Harga Jual Megger MIT330 250/500/1000 V Insulation

Ditambahkan pada: 21 February 2015 / Kategori:
Kode : MIT330
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 645 kali
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Deskripsi Harga Jual Megger MIT330 250/500/1000 V Insulation

1 kV insulation and continuity testers


1 kV insulation and continuity testers With over twenty 1-kV models to choose from, selecting the proper Megger insulation tester can appear a bewildering task at first. Actually all the process requires is a little organization. All Megger insulation testers perform essentially the same test in fundamentally the same manner — accurately and reliably. Refinements and added features, however, separate one model from another in application and operator appeal.

Make a check list of important or essential features and specifications. This should automatically reduce the choices to a workable number from which personal preferences can easily determine the final selection.


Megger MIT330 250/500/1000 V Insulation

Developed specifically to meet the needs of today’s electrical contractors, the new MIT300 insulation and continuity tester from Megger is not only durable and easy to use, but also incorporates a comprehensive set of features designed to ensure operator safety, even under conditions of accidental misuse.

In addition to the basic features, the MIT320 is enhanced with a backlit display, illuminated range panel, insulation limit alarm, resistance measurement, and an adjustable threshold for the continuity buzzer. Also equipped is a switched test probe to speed hands free testing.

This model offers the ability to save test results to internal memory. Over 1000 results can be saved on site, and downloaded to a computer when convenient. Data is stored in non-volatile memory, being retained when the instrument is switched off or batteries are exhausted.

The MIT330 tester incorporates dual solid-state displays which simultaneously show the test results numerically, and in the form of a moving-arc bar graph that accurately simulates the operation of an analogue meter.
Rugged construction with an impact-resistant, rubber-overmoulded case and innovative circuitry guarantees high accuracy combined with stability of calibration.

The MIT330 offers automatic discharge of the circuit after testing, audible and visual warning if the test probes are applied to a live circuit, and a test inhibit feature which operates automatically under live circuit conditions. The unit also conforms fully to IEC 61010-1 for use in Category III 600V applications, and provides all of the facilities needed to meet insulation testing requirements relating to the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

Beli Megger MIT330 250/500/1000 V Insulation dengan harga kompetitif dan cari produk dari Test & Measurements, Gratis antar Jakarta dan dapat dikirim keseluruh Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online kucari, belanja online mudah dan aman.


Spesifikasi – Megger MIT330 250/500/1000 V Insulation


  • Internal memory for test results
  • Switched test probe to speed hands free testing
  • Backlit display and range selection
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Tough rubber armoured case
  • Self contained protective cover
  • Live circuit warning
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • Intelligent Safety System for protection.
  • Result storage and downloading
  • Download software included
  • USB interface

Megger MIT330 250 500 1000 V Insulation

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