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Harga Jual Gravity Meter Daeyoon Digital Tester – DMT-10

Ditambahkan pada: 18 November 2014 / Kategori:
Kode : DMT10
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 698 kali
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Rp 1.245.300
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Deskripsi Harga Jual Gravity Meter Daeyoon Digital Tester – DMT-10

Digital Handheld Marine Tester – DMT-10
3-In-1 The only digital tester that tests for temperature, salinity, and true specific gravity

  • Many organisms are not equipped for high tolerances in shifts in temperature, salinity and specific gravity for long durations without fatal consequences.
  • Monitoring the salt level in a reef aquarium is one of the most basic and important parameters to ensure a safe and optimal environment for tank inhabitants.
  • The DMT-10 Tester is an innovative 3-in-1 tool that incorporates digital tests for temperature(°C),salinity(ppt) and specific gravity (e.g.1.024) displayed in scales commonly used by aquarists without the need for conversions.
  • This revolutionary tester allows hobbyists to receive precise, accurate, and reliable readings with the press of a button!
  • Auto-correct
    Automatic temperature compensation that calculates for salinity and specific gravity without the need for complicated conversion charts
  • Auto Power Off
    Automatically saves the battery by switching off after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • Hold/Cal Button
    Allows for measurements to be locked when taking readings in dark or awkward sump areas br> Auto Calibration & Auto Temp.(°C/°F) Exchange
    IIncluded 30ppt salinity solution for easy calibrating
  • CE Approved
    This device has been factory tested to provide trouble-free performance and contains certified components to ensure safe, reliable and accurate results.
  • Specification
    Electric Conductivity Measurement System for the measurement of aqueous solution, being seawater and/or synthetic seawaterbr> &
  • Range
    Temperature 0 – 100 ºC br> Salinity 0ppt – 50ppt
    SSpecific gravity 1.000 – 1.037
  • Resolution
    Temperature 0.1 ºC br> Salinity 1ppt
    SSpecific gravity 0.001
  • Accuracy
    Temperature ± 1ºC br> Salinity ± 2ppt
    SSpecific gravity ± 0.002 S.G
  • Other
    Power Supply 2 x CR2032 button cell supplied br> Battery life 6 months when used 3 times a day
    Dimensions 30h x 30w x 195d mm
    WWeight Abt.61g (including battery button)

    Included Accessories
    DMT-10 Tester, 2 x button cell batteries, sensor protection cap, instruction manual, one bottle 30ppt salinity standard solution
    The box itself is velvet lined plastic inset with compartments for the tester, the calibration solution and the spare batteries




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