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Harga Jual Coliy Technology M300 On-line Microwave Moisture Analyser

Ditambahkan pada: 21 November 2014 / Kategori:
Kode : CM300
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Deskripsi Harga Jual Coliy Technology M300 On-line Microwave Moisture Analyser

Coliy Technology has become the world leader in design innovation and technology optimisation in the field of industrial component analysis and industrial automation products.

Founded in 1995 and located in Dusseldorf, Germany, Coliy Technology now has manufacturing facilities in both Germany and Asia.

An important landmark in the growth of Coliy Technology occurred in 1996, when Coliy Technology produced the first high performance microwave moisture analyser. Under a decade later, Coliy Technology produced a new generation microwave moisture analyser, using a new advanced processing chip, with an operational speed 5 times faster than previous models.

Since then, Coliy Technology has continued to develop a new generation of moisture analysers and environment protection instruments, such as portable radiation detectors.

The mission of Coliy Technology is and always will be to become the world leader in industrial component analysis and industrial automation products. Also, the company aims to provide accurate and reliable measurement and optimum product quality at a reasonable price.

Coliy Technology M300 On-line Microwave Moisture Analyser

On-line microwave moisture analyzer M300 analyzes and absorbs all current microwave and moisture analyzer technology in the world. It is the latest design and the leading model of microwave moisture measurement instrumentation. It uses the latest technology of microwave measuring and electronic circuitry and is easy to operate and extremely reliable. The probe of M300 adopts contact measurement fixing on the surface wall and touching the tested materials. The microwave signal is transmitted by the probe and reflected by measured materials and accepted by the probe again. The probe is made of high-strength stainless steel with a power rating of 10mW. All parts are waterproof and dustproof the solid stainless steel case can resist impact and the unit can function for long periods under extreme conditions. The characteristics of high reliability sturdiness and durability, fast response and fine measurement accuracy contact moisture analyzer M300 is designed to measure moisture content on a continuous basis during the production process.

M300 adopts a microwave absorption principle using microwave frequency with high reliability and anti-jamming ability. Measurement data can be gained within 100 milliseconds and accuracy is as high as 0.5%. Measuring scope ranges between 0-30% or higher and it offers a fully automated range without user’s adjustment. It can detect moisture in any solid material (not containing too much metal): coal, cement, minerals, paper, sugar, grain, popcorn, flour, seed, cut tobacco leaf, quartz, sand etc.. Coliy can customize products according to user’s requirements.

When using the M300 you only need to attach the unit to the surface wall and fix the probe to the surface with a flange. To allow the probe to touch the material to be tested then it can measure the moisture content. As the microwave is sensitive to water when it penetrates the measured materials its power and phase changes and by detecting this change M300 can measure moisture content. Easy to install robust and durable M300 is convenient for customers to use. M300 allows the user to adopt special single point demarcation which can give you the exact demarcation data thus greatly lightening the user’s workload.

The physical principle of measurement is based on the Law of microwave resonance. The moisture content of the product is determined by attenuation and frequency shift of microwave energy. Due to the small capacity of the microwave energy it won’t heat up the sample and microwave can fully penetrate the product so all of the Physical moisture will be measured. Both external and internal moisture can be detected. This microwave technology ensures a high moisture selectivity rate so it can assure high-accuracy measurement of moisture content of all products and the results wouldn’t be affected by different color and surface structure of the product.



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