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20X-40X-80X Cordless LED Stereo Microscope SKU: SE306R-PZ-LED

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Deskripsi 20X-40X-80X Cordless LED Stereo Microscope SKU: SE306R-PZ-LED

  • 20X-40X-80X stereo magnification settings
  • High quality widefield optical glass lenses
  • Forward widefield binocular head
  • Sturdy pillar stand with all metal framework
  • LED incident (top) and transmitted (bottom) lights

    This is a cordless LED binocular stereo microscope with top and bottom lights. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, powered by either batteries or wall-power. It is portable and can be taken out to field sites. This microscope offers sharp clear stereo images, three magnification levels (20X-40X-80X), and the freedom from cords. It comes with a rechargeable illumination system, three rechargeable AA batteries, and an AC adapter/charger. This durable and reliable microscope is a perfect instrument for viewing insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel and etc. It is an ideal microscope for hobbyists and students.

    Features :

    • A great cordless stereo microscope with top and bottom LED lights
    • Powered by either batteries or wall-power
    • Convenient for being taken out for on-site applications
    • Built-in rechargeable incident and transmitted LED illumination system
    • 10-LED top light
    • 7-LED bottom light
    • Three magnification settings: 20X-40X-80X
    • 45 degree inclined binocular head with locked-in eyepieces
    • Adjustable interpupillary distance
    • Sharp stereo erect images with wide field of view
    • High quality original true color
    • Ocular-tube with adjustable diopter
    • Accurate alignment, ensuring fatigue-free viewing for hours
    • Rugged metal frame and stand
    • Full optical glass elements
    • Precise ground glass lenses
    • All metal mechanical components
    • GS CE approval electric apparatus
    • White/black plate and rubber eyeguards included
    • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control system
    • Excellent five (5) year warranty


    Specifications :

    • Head: 45 degree inclined binocular
    • Eyepiece: WF10X and WF20X
    • Objectives: 2X and 4X
    • Diopter Adjustment: +/-5dp
    • Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16″ – 2-15/16″(55-75mm)
    • Working Distance: 2-1/8″ (53mm)
    • Frosted Glass Objective Plate: 3-3/4″ (95mm) in diameter
    • White/Black Plastic Objective Plate: 3-3/4″ (95mm) in diameter
    • Illumination: 10-LED top light and 7-LED bottom light
    • Accessories: a pair of eye-caps, a pair of clips and a dust cover


    Packing List :

    • One Forward Binocular Microscope with 2X & 4X Objectives, Pillar Stand and Top & Bottom LED Lights
    • One Pair of Widefield 10X Eyepieces
    • One Pair of Widefield 20X Eyepieces
    • Three Rechargeable Batteries
    • One Wall-Power AC Adapter/Charger
    • One Frosted Glass Plate
    • One Plastic Plate
    • One Dust Cover
    • One Pair of Eye-guards
    • One Pair of Clips
    • One Wrench for Tension Adjustment
    • User’s Manual Download
    • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

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