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Celestron Mars Observing Telescope Accessory Kit

Ditambahkan pada: 27 October 2018 / Kategori:
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Deskripsi Celestron Mars Observing Telescope Accessory Kit

  • The perfect Mars accessory bundle for any telescope that accepts 1.25” eyepieces
  • Includes three colored filters to enhance specific surface details on Mars such as maria, deserts, and polar ice caps
  • 2x Power Doubling Lens doubles the power of any 1.25” telescope eyepiece
  • Doubling Lens also features built-in T-threads to attach a DSLR camera (T-ring not included)
  • All pieces in the kit can also be used to view Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and many other astronomical objects

    Your Mars Observing Kit comes with the following accessories designed to enhance your views of Mars:

    • 2x Power Doubling Lens with built-in T-adapter
    • #80A Blue Planetary Filter
    • #56 Light Green Planetary Filter
    • #25 Red Planetary Filter
    • Storage Case


    2X Power Doubling Lens

    The 2x Power Doubling Lens doubles the magnification of any eyepiece that is used with it. The lens goes in between the telescope and the eyepiece you are using. In addition, this lens also features integrated T-threads that allow you to attach your DSLR camera to your telescope for high magnification lunar and planetary photography. (Note: to take advantage of this feature, you will need to purchase an optional T-ring that fits your specific camera body and thread it onto the T-adapter. Celestron offers Canon and Nikon T-rings.)


    Eyepiece filters reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, and reduce eye fatigue. These filters are designed to fit any Celestron 1.25” eyepieces. To attach the filter onto an eyepiece, simply thread the male thread on the filter into the bottom of the eyepiece barrel. Then insert the eyepiece (with filter attached) into eyepiece holder of your telescope.

    • #80A Light Blue Planetary – Helpful in studying surface features and polar caps.
    • #56 Green Planetary Filter – Excellent for increased contrast of Martian polar caps, low clouds, and yellowish dust storms.
    • #25 Red Planetary Filter – Reduces light from blue and green areas, which darkens the maria and oases, while lightening the orange-hued desert region. Sharpens the boundaries of yellow dust clouds.

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